Please email to check availability
of an item(s). (Be sure to include item # & brief description). If you are new to ordering from GWI or have moved since the last order, we will need your address to calculate shipping.

If it is available, the item will be put on hold and an invoice will be sent to you. If someone else already beat you to the draw, a confirmation will be sent that it is sold or pending. If payment not received from buyer within 7 business days, the item(s) will go to the next requester in line.
The items I list are one of a kind and are sold on a first come first serve basis.  If you see something you want, please contact me to check on availability.  I will accept that as your intent to purchase unless you specify otherwise (i.e. "I'm not committing to buy - just asking a question"). I will place the item(s) on hold for you and you will receive an invoice.  Although I will try to mark an item as being on hold or sold as soon as possible, it isn't always possible to make updates immediately.  I will place an item on hold for 7 days to allow time for you to send payment.  Otherwise the item is still considered available and will be taken off hold or sold to the next in line if multiple requests were received. 

We accept payments by paypal, money orders or personal checks from U.S. customers.  Personal checks will require 10 days to clear my bank before we will ship the item.  Paypal and money order sales will be shipped right away.  Credit card payments will have to go through paypal.

Most items will be shipped by US Postal Service priority/insured mail,  but I will try to find the most economic way for very small or large and heavy items.  I do not want to profit from shipping...If I am more than a buck or so off on the postage estimate to the high side, I will refund the difference. If my estimate is on the low side, I will absorb the difference.

For sales outside the U.S. I will only accept PAYPAL payments and ship by U.S. Postal Service Priority International mail only which includes insurance.

I offer a 7 day inspection but due to easy digital reproduction of photography, I can only offer a refund if item is significantly different from description.  If the item is not as described I will refund your money (less shipping) with no questions as long as it comes back in the same condition as sent.  I respect my customers and will work with anyone less than satisfied due to something I overlooked or failed to make clear.

Lay-a-ways:  I consider lay-a-ways on a case by case basis for repeat/returning customers.  Please contact me.

If you don't find something you can't live without on this visit, make sure you check in from time to time and see what's new or subscribe for future updates.  I'm adding new items on a regular basis.  If you have any questions, please shoot me an email and I'll respond usually within hours.

Thank you for visiting GWI!
Bruce Jarvis